Mayumi Sakura

An airbender born in the fire nation.


Strength: 16
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 10

Glider Staff:

  • Flight 1 Gliding + Flight 1 Gliding (Restricted: Airbender) 10(20)mph
  • Strike 2 Mighty
  • Blast 1 (Restricted: Airbending)

Mayumi was born to her firebending mother, Yuen Mei Sakura, nine months after Yuen had a short ‘fling’ with an airbender nomad (Hikaru) who was passing through the Fire Nation town of Shu Jing. Mayumi grew up in Shu Jing, living with her mother in her aunt and uncle’s tea shop. Her aunt, Azami, is an herbalist and runs the tea shop. Her uncle, Dato, is a gardener as well as a trader who loves to travel among the other nations and bring back interesting treasures as well as rare teas and herbs for the shops. He would occassionally take Mayumi with him on his travels, especially when visiting the Earth Kingdom. Mayumi’s mother uses her firebending talents to make glass bead jewelry as well as pottery. Growing up so close to her family, Mayumi has skills/familiarity with many of these trades, especially brewing tea and jewelry-making, though her main talent is in wire jewelry.

Having grown up in the Fire Nation, Mayumi has a rather outgoing and passionate personality, and so it wasn’t until she was 7 years old that she began to display airbending talents. At age 8, the decision was made to send her to the Western Air Temple to begin more formal training. Though she showed great promise and was quick to learn airbending talents, Mayumi’s Fire Nation upbringing caused some differences in opinion. Eventually, Mayumi decided that temple life was not for her and that she would rather learn airbending on her own. At age 12, she left the Western Air Temple and rejoined her family at their tea shop, which had since relocated to the Earth Kingdom, in a quite place called Senlin Village. Mayumi spent the next three years traveling with her uncle, traveling on her own, learning airbending techniques from any air nomads that she encountered as well as teaching herself. She is currently 15.

While at the air temple, Mayumi received the tradional staff glider, which she uses to get around quickly, especially over rough terrain. She also met her animal companion, Takumi, while at the air temple. Takumi is a male koala-bat that Mayumi found as a cub in one of the many caverns near the air temple. Takumi’s preferred perch is wrapped around Mayumi’s chest/torso, or across her upper back (piggy-back style).

Though Mayumi shaved her forehead in the style of the female airbenders, she abandoned that practice as soon as she left the temple, preferring to crop her hair short in the back, and leave it in longer strips on the sides, about shoulder-length. Her hair is a dark black, and her eyes are a warm brown. She weighs about 126-lbs and is 5’7". She loves wearing red and favors mandarin blouses, usually coupled with wide-legged black pants.

Mayumi Sakura

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